The Ultimate Guide to Trendy Wedding Kurta for Men

Welcome back readers. Wedding season is here and so is your worry about the attire of the wedding that you are going to attend this season. With so many different types of outfits to choose from, when we finally select a Kurta there comes a 100 more options to choose from. From chikankari to solid colors with sequins, choosing the perfect wedding Kurta has been such a daunting task. But worry not readers, we, at prize googly, are here to present to you a blog that will help you choose the best trendy wedding Kurta for men. In this blog we will look into the types of Kurtas and their design that men can choose for wedding outfits. We will also look at tips for styling Kurta in a wedding. So without wasting any further time, let’s dive into this world of weddings and style outfits so good that it makes everyone’s jaws Drop.

Top & Trendy Wedding Kurta for Men 


Lucknavi embroidery or a chicken curry Kurta has originated from Lucknow India. Chicken curry is the perfect choice for men if you are looking for something that is timelessly elegant and modern as well as comes with a hint of tradition and culture in it. Chicken curry is a stunning kind of handcrafted embroidery that is done on a normal fabric elevating the look of any Attire to new height. The chikankari work looks best on fabrics like Muslin or cotton.

3-Piece Kurta 

A Three piece Kurta is definitely your way to go if you are someone with a personality like that of a bold and outgoing man. This three piece Kurta set can include a normal bottom pants,Koti or kurta for men wedding on it. The main attraction of the entire attire here is the jacket or the Koti. There are many different kinds of jackets that men can choose from but a traditional long Koti is the most chic looking of all. 

Nehru Jacket

A Nehru jacket is another stunning piece of clothing that you can add to your attire. A Nehru jacket is a hip length tailored coat or jacket for men which has its name from India’s first prime minister. This Bandh Kala coat or jacket is the best choice if you are looking for something simple yet which gives a statement. You can try having different patterns on a Nehru jacket like simple embroidery or floral embroidery or Boondi work.

Embroidered Kurta

The most common yet extravagant style of Kurta for men is an embroidered Kurta. This embroidered Kurta will serve as a statement of your personality and tradition. An embroidered Kurta is the best way to showcase your potential of dressing up and the stunning craftsmanship of this embroidery work. there are so many kind of different embroideries that can be done on a Kurta like mirror work, patchwork, Bundi embroidery, floral embroidery and other search Works. All of these can add meaning to your outfit and make you stand out of the crowd. You may also visit Myweddingmyday website for new design clothing and fashion. 

Short Kurta with Koti

A short Kurta is a very trending option in men’s wedding outfits right now. This short Kurta ends at the middle of the thigh. You can have different patterns at the end like a symmetrical cut of the short kurta. This Kurta goes perfectly with a Koti that is a little shorter which ends at the Hip line. This outfit gives an overall sleek look through your personality reflecting your inner beauty.

Tips & Tricks to style a Kurta 

An outfit is just a piece of cloth if it is not styled well. Styling a Kurta for men is a skill that very few possess but don’t worry we have brought to you simple tricks to style your Kurta perfectly.

Try Different Colors 

Try experimenting with different colors of Kurta. You can try the very viral and trendy pastel colors Kurta or if you are looking for something to wear to an evening function, then you can go for dark and bold colors like navy blue or maroon.


Accessorising is a mandatory part in styling a Kurta. Many people think that accessorizing is not for men but we believe otherwise. A simple and  elegant bracelet or a neckpiece can elevate your entire outfit to a greater level. You can also try finger rings and different footwear like Mojdi or normal loafer shoes.

Experiment with bottoms 

There are so many different types of bottoms available for men. For instance, you can go with straight cut browsers, Dhoti pants or even denim jeans with your Kurta. Always remember that the bottoms of any outfit plays a very important role in the overall look of your outfit.

Patterns add look

Consider having different length or type of sleeves in your Kurta. Remember patterns always add Looks to your overall outfit.

These were a few tips and tricks for men in styling their wedding attire. Remember you can experiment with everything as long as it adds to a sleek and simple look. Do not hesitate to try something new because it will only enhance your confidence and boost your looks


As we reached towards the end of today’s blog, it is clear that styling a men’s Kurta is really a very simple task as long as it is understood thoroughly and completely. Not many people opt for styling a Kurta, which is a loss of their potential. But we, at our website, aim to provide our readers with the best of the quality which is why we have given you some of the best designs of Kurta for men as a wedding attire.

We hope that your search ends here. Try experimenting with these designs of Kurta and have every head turned in the wedding. So, get ready to be the best dressed guest in the wedding and congratulations for a wedding in the house. Happy experimenting and thank you. 

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