Is Your Dental Crown An Emergency? Signs You Can't Ignore and What to Do Next

Is Your Dental Crown An Emergency? Signs You Can’t Ignore and What to Do Next

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes accidents happen or decay takes its toll. When a tooth becomes significantly damaged or decayed. A dental crown may be the best way to save and restore it. But what if that protective crown itself gets damaged or falls off? That’s when an emergency dental crown repair or replacement is needed.

The Clinic understands how critical it is to get a damaged emergency crown addressed immediately. They offer same-day emergency crowns at their convenient locations across London to quickly restore your tooth’s structure, function, and appearance. But when exactly qualifies as a “dental emergency” requiring an urgent crown repair

Here are some of the key situations:

Dental Crowns London are designed to be extremely durable coverings for your teeth. However, a facial trauma, or repeated grinding and clenching habits over time can potentially. Cause even the strongest crown material to crack or break.

Broken Crown Dental Emergency

Any chip, crack, or outright break in your dental crown should be treated as an emergency situation. Damage to the crown exposes the vulnerable inner tooth structure to potential infection, decay, and further breakage. The remaining jagged crown edges can also cut and irritate the soft tissues inside your mouth.

At the very first sign of a broken tooth crown, it’s essential to see an emergency. Dentist right away before more serious complications develop. At Emergency Dentist London Pro, their skilled technicians can quickly. Repair minor cracks and chips in crowns when caught early enough. For more severe breaks, they’ll get you fitted for an emergency crown replacement promptly.

Loose Crown Repair Cost

While an outright broken crown is an obvious emergency. A loose or dislodged crown should be treated as an urgent matter as well. When a crown loses its secure cementing, it leaves the underlying tooth exposed and vulnerable once again.

Food debris and bacteria can easily make their way underneath a loose crown. Potentially causing infection, decay, and considerable tooth pain. Leaving a loose crown unaddressed also risks swallowing. Or choking on it if it falls off completely when eating or speaking.

Don’t wait to have a loose crown repaired! At Emergency Dentist London Pro, you can get an emergency. Loose crown repair or replacement in just one visit at a reasonable loose crown repair cost. Their dentists will thoroughly clean the tooth, re-cement the existing crown (if undamaged), or fabricate a new, customized crown on-site.

Emergency Crown Repair

Along with cracks, breaks, and loose-fitting crowns, there are some other instances where an emergency. Crown repair may be required, such as:

  • A rough, sharp edge on the crown that’s irritating gum tissue
  • Part of the crown surface has chipped or worn away
  • Dark line appearing at the gum line (indicates a leak/decay under crown)
  • Crown feels uncomfortable or has poor fit after initial placement
  • Old crown is extremely worn down or discolored

In these kinds of cases, the crown may not be fully protecting the remaining tooth structure any longer. Getting a prompt emergency crown repair from Emergency Dentist London Pro. Will seal out bacteria, restore proper fit, and revitalize the appearance of your smile.

What About Lost Fillings or Temporary Crowns?

It’s important to note that a lost or damaged filling or temporary crown. Demands the same level of urgency for emergency care as a permanent tooth crown repair issue. When a filling falls out or temporary crown dislodges, your inner tooth immediately becomes exposed to potential infection and decay.

At Emergency Dentist London Pro, they can repair a lost filling. Or re-cement a temporary crown right away to seal off the tooth again while you await your permanent crown restoration.

The Importance of Emergency Dental Crowns in London

So now you understand the types of situations that constitute a dental emergency requiring urgent crown repair or replacement. But why is it so crucial to get emergency dental care right away?

When a permanent crown is damaged, broken, or falls out completely. It leaves the remaining natural tooth structure exposed and vulnerable. This small window of opportunity gives decay-causing bacteria and food. Debris the chance to enter the inner areas of the tooth. Potentially leading to a severe infection that could require a root. Canal – or even tooth loss if left untreated long enough.

Cracks or rough edges on a crown can also cut into your soft cheek and gum tissues. Resulting in painful irritation, swelling and increased infection risk in your mouth. Loose tooth that haven’t fallen out fully can cause. Shifting of the tooth position and bite misalignment over time as well.

In short, any issue involving a damaged, loose, or dislodged dental crown. Requires an immediate emergency dentist visit to prevent far more extensive (and expensive) problems down the road. 

Emergency Dentist London Pro has you covered whenever you experience a dental crown emergency in London. They offer:

  • Emergency tooth crown repairs like fills, re-cementing and smoothing rough spots
  • Same-day emergency dental crown fabrication using CEREC technology
  • Extractions and temporary crown placement if the tooth can’t be saved
  • A wide variety of crown material options like metal alloys, ceramic, porcelain, and zirconia

With emergency dentist offices across London, there’s an Emergency Dentist London Pro location convenient for emergency crown repair near you. No appointment is needed – simply walk right in and they’ll have you seen quickly by an emergency dentist.

Don’t let a small crown issue spiral into something far worse and more painful (not to mention expensive). At the first sign of a loose, cracked, or damaged tooth crown, get to an Emergency Dentist London Pro. Walk-in dentist for prompt, affordable emergency treatment.

Dental Crown Costs London

One of the top reasons people neglect to get emergency dental care is cost concerns. However, Emergency Dentist London Pro understands that dental crown issues can’t wait. That’s why they keep their emergency dental crown costs in London quite reasonable.

The exact dental crown cost will depend on factors like the extent of work needed, materials used. And if it’s a repair or full replacement. But in general, you can expect:

Emergency crown repair costs from £150-300

Dental crown replacements starting around £400-600

Emergency Dentist London Pro also offers flexible financing options to make any necessary. Emergency crown treatment affordable, so don’t let costs hold you back from getting the critical care you need.

So, if you’re dealing with a broken tooth crown, loose crown. Missing crown, or any other type of crown-related dental emergency in London, get to Emergency Dentist London Pro right away. With their skilled emergency dentists, advanced CEREC technology, and commitment to fast. Affordable care – your smile and dental health will be back in top shape quickly. Don’t wait for a Dental crown issue to escalate – make them your go-to for any emergency dental crown in London.

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