Meta plans to introduce a fact-checking program on its social network Threads next year

in preparation for upcoming elections in the U.S. and India. Currently, Threads matches fact-check ratings from Facebook or Instagram to similar content, but the goal is to empower fact-checking partners to review and rate misinformation directly on the app, according to Instagram head Adam Mosseri.

In a blog post, Meta revealed that U.S.-based Threads users will soon have the ability to adjust the level of demotion on fact-checked posts, allowing them to increase, decrease, or maintain the same level of demotion. Users who have applied settings on Instagram to avoid sensitive content will see these preferences carry over to Threads.

While Meta and Threads have not prioritized news content on the platform, they recognize the importance of curbing misinformation, particularly during elections. Mosseri clarified that Threads is not “anti-news” but won’t amplify news. Notably, the platform still restricts searches for keywords like “covid” and “covid-19.”

With upcoming features such as tags (without the hash symbol) and trending topics, users will have more options to search for and share information. Meta’s proactive approach aims to prevent the spread of misinformation on its platform, learning from past experiences to avoid similar challenges.

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