Most Inspiring Women Adventure Riders on a Journey of Conquering the Trails

Most Inspiring Women Adventure Riders on a Journey of Conquering the Trails

Adventure motorcycles have always been associated with fellow riders’ camaraderie, the thrill of the open roads, and the liberation of exploring new horizons. It has traditionally been viewed as a male-dominated work, but the world of adventure biking has seen a dynamic shift in recent years. Slowly but surely, women riders are taking the handlebars by storm, showcasing their prowess on two wheels and breaking down stereotypes.

Let’s explore the stories of some of these amazing women who have paved the way for adventure motorcycle riding. In this post, we have highlighted the women’s challenges, triumphs, and transformational effects on the adventure-riding landscape.

Discover the world’s Top Women’s Adventure Riders and Their Experience

Below are the women who have embraced the adventure of riding their bikes into the horizon and made it their way of life and more than a leisure activity.


Steph began riding around the world in 2014 and returned home four years after riding through 54 countries on all seven continents and covering a record-breaking 74,000 miles. She has ridden in the Sahara Desert five times, across the Atlas Mountains, gone from USA coast to coast, and assisted in setting up Nick Sanders’ expedition centre in Machynlleth.

Jeavons has continuously encouraged women to get off-road experience to boost their confidence. She motivates people to build their relationships between themselves and their bikes and have fun exploring uncharted roads.

Elspeth Beard

Elspeth is an award-winning architect and an adventure motorcycle who began her epic solo motorcycle trip in the 80’s. She went worldwide and became one of the first British women to experience such a feat since she left home at 23. However, her journey had its fair share of challenges, from fighting hepatitis in Iran and crashing in Australia to forged permits in India. Her journey has been nothing short of an adventure. In 2018, she also released a book about her life-changing journey to inspire more women to overcome their features and leave their comfort zone.

Lisa Thomas

Lisa is a renowned motivational speaker, photographer, and adventurer who has shared her incredible journey of riding through the world on her bike with live audiences across the globe. She is considered one of the world’s first female adventure riders since they have been through 78 countries across six continents and covered 450,000 miles. Thomas’ impressive adventure has awarded her a place in the record books. She is one of the prime examples of what female riders can achieve when they set their ambitions and goals.

Eagle Gerulaityte

Egle is a freelance journalist, along with being a confessed Kombucha addict and a two-wheeled hobo. Originally from Lithuania, Egle has a background in international relations, journalism, and philosophy. She has been on a slow motorcycle journey since 2013 and has travelled across South America, North America, and Europe. She is also planning on riding through Russia, Cuba, Panama, Mongolia, Jamaica, and Stans in the future.

Her message to the women worldwide who may fear venturing alone is not to overthink anything. They must grab their performance adventure bike, get the right skills and gear, and start travelling. It may initially sound intimidating, but the outcome is always worth it.


Kinga is an adventure rider from Poland. Her two biggest passions are blues music and motorcycles. She decided to take a chance and make her dreams come true when she moved to Australia for an exciting new career opportunity. Tanajewska ventured on a solo ride around Australia on her bike, and she called it “Tour de Oz”. Kinga grabbed a second opportunity to venture into the wild when she received compensation for a head-on collision in Australia. She quit her job and embarked on a riding journey full of self-discovery and courage.

Throughout her journeys, she communicates with other women and motivates them to take the leap and make the most of their one life. While it might be scary initially, if one picks the right bike and keeps practising, one will never be experienced.


Riders have mostly chosen a powerful and comfortable adventure bike for their journeys. You can go with an adventure motorcycle such as the BMW R 1250 GSto start discovering and going beyond the city limits. This motorcycle comes with a powerful design and visible prominence. Its powerful engine of 1,254 cc capacity is suitable for experienced riders.

Further, you can also go with other BMW adventurebikeson your riding journey. These have an optimised engine with lighting technology and driver assistance systems. Ultimately, you must be careful about the bike you choose for your journeys since they will be your only way of getting around for miles.

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