10 ways to know that your house has an electrical problem

10 ways to know that your house has an electrical problem

Look Out For Signs

If suddenly there is a blackout in your house, and the electrical. Appliances are not functioning, then definitely there is a major electrical problem. Signs like a loud, booming noise and sparks from the wiring are good. Indicators that there is something wrong the electricity in the home. However, you do not have to wait for these outbursts before you can identify an electrical fault. Waiting for these results can be dangerous, as the chances are that the appliance. Is already damaged before it got to this point. In the case of an electrical emergency London, contact 24-hour electrician London.

This guide gives you ten apparent signs that you can look out for toidentify significant electrical problem in the home. There are:

Hot Outlets

It is common for appliances to get warm when they are in use. However, the outlets or sockets to which it is plugged in should not get hot. If you notice that the outlets are generating heat, quickly unplug any appliance connected it. Turn off the switch and avoid further use of the outlet until the possible fault has been detected and fixed. In the case of Dimmer switches, it is normal for the switch to have an increased temperature. Because these switches dissipate electrical energy that comes out as heat. However, the dimmer switch should till not be uncomfortably hot.

Unstable Lights

When there is a loose electrical connection, the lights tend to flicker. If the flicker is restricted to one light, then it is a minor wiring problem. For multiple lights, it may be a more complicated electrical problem related to the electrical circuit. In the case where all the lights in the home are flickering. Then it is more severe and requires professional help.

Presence Of Aluminum Wires

Aluminium is a suitable replacement for copper, and it is cheaper than copper. In the past, home builders use aluminium to replace copper for electrical instalment. Subsequently, studies have shown that aluminiumoxidise faster with copper; as such. It causes a rise in the amount of heat produced and possible risk of fire outbreak. Therefore it is not safe to use aluminium for electrical branch-circuit wiring.

If you notice that your house has aluminium wiring. Do not panic just yet, emergency electricians London know what to do. Contact one, and get the problem solved.

A Burning Smell

The smell that comes from burning electrical switches or appliances is typical. If you can perceive any strange smell in your home especially close to electrical connections. Turn off your power supply and contact a professional immediately. There are some less severe issues which can be handled by any suitable person. However, if you sense that it is a more complicated issue, call in an electrician near me.

Gas Lines Are Not Properly Grounded

Flexible gas lines are used to supply gas to homes. These gas lines must be properly grounded to prevent disasters. If improperly grounded, an electrical surge can easily rupture these tubes leading to an explosion. If you inspect your gas lines and you notice that they do not look well-grounded, get professional help.

Loose Outlets

All electrical outlets should be tight and adequately hold cords plugged in them. If you notice that your outlets are loose and always unstable when in use. Avoid electrical hazards and call in a professional electrician.

Fake Ul Stickers

All electrical products come with a UL sticker. UL is short for Underwriters Laboratory, and the labels are placed on all products. Indicating that they have met standard safety requirements and are fit to be used. If the UL sticker on a product you bought does not correctly fit or has some errors. Then the product is likely fake and a potential hazard.

Tangled Wires

Even though wires should not always be well arranged, they should also not be trapped. An extremely tangled wire is an indication that the work done in a hurry, and such connections should be rechecked.


Rodents can have the weirdest cravings, and sometimes chew wires. If you notice rodent droppings and presence around wiring connections. Check to see that they have not tampered with the wiring. Try to prevent rodents from invading your homes as they can be extremely disastrous.

Improperly Grounded Electrical Connections

    It is essential to properly earth electrical connections. There are so many electrical companies that provide excellent services such as Electric Works London. Ensure you contact us for your electrical connections. If you get electrical shocks each time you touch your appliances in your home. Then there is a high chance that the connections are not properly grounded.

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