12 Space-Saving Pocket Door Ideas for Small Homes and Apartments

12 Space-Saving Pocket Door Ideas for Small Homes and Apartments

When renovating a small space, the type of doors you choose matters a lot. Swing doors, for instance, can be a hindrance in small spaces. This is where pocket door work out to provide you with practical solutions such as maximum functionality and aesthetic versatility for your small space.

However, not all pocket doors are a one-size-fits-all solution. Some might be challenging to maintain or simply not suitable for your space. So, check out these 12 interesting pocket door ideas from CenturyPly to empower your knowledge to make informed decisions while designing your living space.

12 Workable Pocket Door Design Ideas to Choose for Your Home

Pocket doors offer a sense of invisibility and connect to the rest of the surroundings without occupying space. Here are some fascinating design ideas to help you start on your design journey!

1. Creating Solitary Spaces

Small homes need solitary space. Pocket doors provide this option, provided you pick a suitable door material to lower the sounds between rooms. You can choose fireproof doors in double pocket style, as they are known to be more solid and have the proper weight to provide you with appropriate close-off space. Check out CenturyPly’s wide range of fire-retardant plywood collections that suit your space.

2. Amplifying Artistry

Apart from using flat doors to blend into the walls of your home, you can add some artful details, such as recessed handles and panelling, to add more charm and dimension. For that, you can check out CenturyPly’s collections of Century Laminated Doors, Sainik Laminated Doors, and Century Veneered Doors to add a touch of artistry to your pocket doors.

3. Combine Materials

Plywood is never the only solution for making modern pocket doors. Apart from glass or metal, you can choose veneered, laminated, or evenflush doors to allow a seamless flow between spaces with ample privacy. You can choose Club Prime or Bond door collections offered by CenturyPly to begin your mix-and-match design journey!

4. Add Specific Details

Add some unique details to your pocket doors, such as smooth closures to avoid slamming. However, the doors must possess the strength to hold the screws together so that they close without making noises. Sainik Doors, CenturyDoorsPro, and Moulded Doors from CenturyPly meet this standard with their wide range.

5. Add Colours

To create an illusion out of your space, you can try coloring the door and the walls with the same color. But ensure that the space doesn’t look too confined or claustrophobic. 

6. Set Themed Doors

Ensure that the doors match the theme of your rooms to make them merge with the design. This will make the door a dramatic curtain raiser for a grand space hidden behind. However, door choices for the kitchen and bathrooms might be difficult for you.To ease the stress, you can count on CenturyPly’s door collections, as most of the varieties are deemed fit for any space of your home!

7. Install Double Pocket Doors

Installing a double pocket door was strenuous in the past. Today, however, it is easy, and they open and close at the same time. However, you cannot have electric sockets if you use double pocket doors, and you need a pre-plan to address this issue. If you have thicker walls, this is a possible option, and there are countless door materials at CenturyPly to make this design come to life at your home!

8. Add Glass

Rather than covering the door completely with wood, patching it with glass adds texture and privacy between rooms. It can also step up the vibe of the room, especially if light enters through it, thereby creating an illusion.For that, you must ensure that the wood is strong and durable enough to contain the glass patches. Luckily, all of CenturyPly’s wood collections have this feature, so you can pick one that suits your taste.

9. Add Special Handles

Installing a handle may be a suitable option for pulling out and opening the door so that it doesn’t completely merge with the wall. You can either carve one or attach a latch for seamless usage. 

10. Reconnect with the Environment

You can install pocket doors to connect with the adjacent room and with nature, merging the indoor and outdoor. Three-panel pocket doors are a suitable choice because they slide into a significantly smaller cavity. However, the door installed here must be weatherproof, and luckily, you have a collection at CenturyPly, amongst which Sainik 710 plywood takes the top position. 

11. Loft Conversions

Maximize your loft space by installing pocket doorsthat minimize the swig radius. Also, you can add aesthetics with designer doors to add sophistication to the interiors of the loft. This is possible with CenturyPly products because of their diversity in materials, colors, textures, and designs, which you choose based on your personality. 

12. Extend Floor Space

Pocket doors are valued more than just partitions. You can use them even on almirahs and closets without consuming floor space. They tend to create a separate space by acting as a mirror wall to hide the wardrobe. 


Pocket doors are an excellent solution for small spaces to add privacy and aesthetics. Unlike in the past, they have been key to solving many design problems and are a chick-makeover for small apartments and houses. However, having the right material matters for a durable and long-lasting pocket door. With CenturyPly, you can be assured of getting these factors covered with the additional benefit of accessing a wide range of designs so that you, too, can reflect your personality through your doors!

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