12 Summer Travel Essentials Every Stylish Guy Needs

Traveling in style is all about taking along a well-edited wardrobe. You’ll want high-performance, easy-to-pack and comfortable clothes and accessories that add a touch of luxury to your experience. Read on to discover our list of travel must-haves that will help prepare you for every contingency.

1.            Soft, Comfy Tees

When heading out on your summer trip, be sure to take along a few easygoing, wear-with-anything t-shirts. You can keep your look sophisticated with a slim-fit tee in subdued colors. For an elevated look that is still comfortable, add a long- or short-sleeved henley to your vacation wear. It’s an easy way to elevate your look and stay comfortable when you’re out sightseeing.

2.            Easy Slip-On Shoes

Nothing says Im on vacation like a slip-on shoe. Whether you choose a pair of Vans, Birkenstocks or a suede slide-in loafer, you’ll look great as you sip a cold cocktail or head out for coffee. Go for a bold pop of color, or keep things classic or rustic. There’s a slip-on shoe for every style, and they look great with shorts, chinos and linen pants. When you pair them with socks, you’ll have an easy time getting through security at the airport.

3.            Comfy, Stylish Pants

A slim or relaxed pair of chinos in tan, khaki or a pastel shade always looks stylish. They look great whether you’re combing the beach or strolling through town. Pair them with a t-shirt for a casual day out, or dress them up with a button-down shirt or light sweater in the evening. Chinos are great to wear on the plane or train, and a nice-fitting pair will look just fine at lunch or dinner when you pair them with the right accessories. Also, consider taking along loose and lightweight drawstring pants in cotton or linen. Look for styles with pockets that you can wear to breakfast or the beach. They are a step above pajama pants but have the same laid-back vibe.

4.            Quality Socks

When you’re headed to the airport, you’ll want socks when going through security. This protects your toes from the curious eyes of strangers and the dirty floor. Great socks will keep your feet comfy throughout your trip, whether in transit, walking to the museum or taking a morning nap. Quality socks are more than a luxury. They’ll help keep your feet blister-free, so you can focus on your destination, not the walk to get there.

5.            A Great Weekender Bag

A weekender bag is a stylish way to travel light and unencumbered. Pick a reinforced bag in nylon or canvas that can handle getting bumped around. If you pack carefully, you can take this bag as your carry-on and be prepared for adventure wherever you go.

Get a bag that’s just big enough to hold your essentials so that you can stow it in the overhead bin and grab it when you head to the hotel. You’ll want sturdy handles, a shoulder strap for convenience and zippers for easy access.

6.            Stylish Shades

Sunglasses are a vacation necessity that also adds polish to your look. You can’t go wrong with a gold-framed aviator or classic Wayfarer, but don’t be afraid to switch things up. Clear and tortoiseshell frames are stylish options that can grab the right kind of attention. Don’t forget to keep your eyes protected with UV-rated, polarized lenses.

7.            A Packable Sun Hat

When you’re traveling, keeping the sun off your face is always a good idea. You’ll look dapper in a crushable straw Panama hat. Or, keep it fun and carefree in a packable bucket hat or baseball cap. Pick a hat that can stand up to wear and coordinates well with your travel wardrobe.

8.            A Cashmere Sweater

A light- or mid-weight cashmere sweater can upgrade your look and keep you cozy on chilly mornings and evenings. It’s easy to keep in your bag or tie around your shoulders. When you take it along, you’ll never need to worry about frigid, air-conditioned buildings.

9.            Swim and Athleisure Shorts

A bright pair of swim shorts will keep the mood light when you’re headed to the pool or beach. Pick a pair with a flair that makes you feel great. This year’s hottest styles hit several inches above the knee and feature stripes, bold colors and prints. If you’re taking time for a morning jog or a quick game of basketball, a pair of mens athleisure shorts is just what you need to stay active.

10.         Linen Shirts

A linen shirt in a pastel shade or floral print will look handsome and help you keep cool. You can button it up for brunch or wear it loose over a pocket t-shirt for a casual vibe. Linen is elevated, breezy and lightweight. It actually looks its best with a few wrinkles. Plus, it’s great for lounging at the tiki hut or as beach-date attire for a walk on the sand.

11.         A Summer Travel Blazer

Of course, you want to relax when you travel. But taking a jacket that can help you take the chill off never hurts. It should be comfortable and not too fussy. A touch of synthetic nylon, polyester or spandex can help it keep its shape. If you’re going to a more posh destination, bring a blazer with high-quality, drapey fabric like a linen-cotton blend or seersucker.

12.         Cool White Sneakers

White sneakers are the perfect anchor for any travel wardrobe. A high-quality, well-designed pair of classic, modern or trendy sneakers is a comfortable go-to. They can be paired with jeans, shorts or chinos. Pick a sturdy, well-ventilated pair with non-slip rubber soles, and you can walk for miles wherever the day takes you.

Stay Stylish This Summer With a Great Travel Wardrobe

With the right travel wardrobe, you’ll stay comfortable, confident and put together no matter where you’re headed this vacation season. With a carefully curated suitcase of travel-ready clothes and accessories, you’ll be ready for every adventure that comes your way.

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