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5 Key Features That Make Sainik 710 Plywood the Go-To Choice for Builders

After a tiring and exhausting day of work, every employee rushes. Home to enjoy the soothing ambiance by relaxing on a cozy. Sofa or taking a good nap on a comfortable bed. This illustration is brought up to underline the crucial role of high-qualit. Construction and furniture and Sainik 710 plywood for every homeowner.

Choosing the right kind of plywood has been a significant concern for builders who strive to construct high-quality, durable. And comfortable homes that create a robust first impression on visitors or guests. Of the many kinds of plywood available today, the most trusted choice for builders is multipurpose Sainik 710 plywood sheets. Curious to know why it’s the top pick for builders? Keep reading!

5 Builder-Centric Captivating Features of Sainik 710 Plywood

CenturyPly’s Sainink 710 plywood provides optimal protection for household furnishings. It has countless amazing features, including strength, durability, and bend resistance. This is due to the robust adhesives used to keep the premium plywood sheets intact. Therefore, with Sainik 710 plywood, homeowners can rest assured that they will retain their home’s safety and beauty for many years. Now, here are 5 ways why builders want to use this plywood for construction purposes:


Next to quality and aesthetics comes affordability. Therefore, every builder must offer customers affordable choices so homeowners can enjoy comfort and satisfaction. Sainik 710 Plywood CenturyPly is the leading brand amongst many that provides these features. Each plywood sheet of 929 sq. cm. Costs just Rs. 105/- (including GST). With the rise of this plywood range, both builders can now provide high-quality construction with minimal investment.


The quality of plywood can be determined by its warranty period. And homeowners are constantly searching for suitable plywood that will retain the beauty of their homes for a long time. Now, the burden of finding a Sainik 710 Plywood that caters to this need is on the shoulders of the builder. Luckily, the Sanik 710 from CenturyPly can be a trusted option. Because it has an 8-year warranty, which other brands don’t offer.

The answer to why it can withstand these many years is. Due to the specially engineered construction process of the plywood itself. They are manufactured with an exotic Glue Line technology that offers complete internal protection. Making them marine-grade plywood resistant to boiling water and all kinds of weather. As a result, the plywood is more functional and durable without. Requiring any repairs or replacement, thereby becoming a top choice for builders.


This core feature is sought by both builders and homeowners alike. Most plywood brands on television claim to be waterproof, but they are not. However, that’s not the case with Sainik 710 plywood. A self-boiling test can be conducted by placing regular plywood and Sainik 710 beside each other.

The regular plywood falls apart in just an hour, while Sainik 710 takes 72 hours. To test the solution at a shot, proving that it is waterproof. Therefore, this waterproof plywood is the best choice for builders to install in high-moisture areas without. Worrying about the degeneration of the wood even as years pass by.

Termite and Borer Proof

Every builder must think about the future as part of the construction process. Choosing the right plywood to withstand pest attacks as it ages. Can be challenging in today’s market, where fraud is at its peak. However, with Sainik 710, this problem has a solution. Thanks to the Glue line protection, these plywood are naturally resistant to pest attacks and moisture, retaining every home’s beauty!

Various Sizes and Ranges

The thicker the plywood, the stronger and more durable it is for every home construction. Keeping this in mind and choosing the best plywood brand can be daunting for builders. Therefore, with Sainik 710, builders can now choose the thickness. Ranges between 4 and 25 mm based on the need for robust home construction!


This is how builders find it advantageous to use CenturyPly’s Sainik 710 plywood to create a durable and long-lasting construction. Go ahead and purchase this plywood today to renovate it with the best plywood the market has ever seen.

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